Aero Products

RUSSTECH is an award  winning supplier of Aerospace Products for a growing list of aircraft manufacturers and supplier partners. Our focus is to manufacture innovative, quality and reliable aircraft electrical components, including composite EMI Back Shells, Flight Deck Switching, Lighting & Dimming Controls, Windshield Heating Connectors, Encapsulated Diodes, Encapsulated Resistors, Insulated Bus Assemblies, Cable assemblies & Wire Harness Assembly as well as specialty extrusions and hardware items. We hold FAA/PMA for many current production and legacy aircraft programs as well as many US Government NSN items.

Aircraft Windshield Connectors

Built to your print or designed to suit, our high quality connectors feature compression bodies molded over our proprietary contact system. This rugged RUSSTECH design, has been proven over thousands of trouble free flight hours. We currently produce a wide variety of styles and layouts that support many Boeing production and legacy aircraft programs. Current part numbers are Boeing and FAA/PMA Approved. Please contact us with your requirements.

Bus Assemblies Grounding Jumpers

Complex  aircraft power bus assemblies, relay ground bus assemblies or simple jumpers, RUSSTECH can meet your busing challenge.  Currently producing bus assemblies with flagged termination in #10, #8, # 4, and #0 wire sizes as well as strap styles. Insulated with Non-Halogen containing flame retardant Silicone, using our proprietary process, they are available to many Boeing and NSN part numbers. In addition, we can also design to your specific requirements with a wide range of termination options.

Cockpit Switches and Switch Actuators

RUSSTECH builds custom switch actuators for your most demanding switching applications. Known for our quick design and manufacturing services, we can supply actuators to fit your requirements on time and on budget.  Please contact us with your actuator needs.

Dimming and Lighting Controls

Rugged, reliable and of top quality components, we build these tough units to the highest standards. We currently build a variety of styles that include tandem units, dual units with concentric shafts, cam actuated switches, wire harnesses, connectors and terminal blocks. Let us design or build to your print using our many years of expertise. We would be happy to explore your requirements.

Encapsulated Diode and Resistor Assemblies

RUSSTECH produces unique encapsulated in-line components including Diodes and Resistors. We assemble a variety of commercial and military components into a rugged and proven package. Our standard Diode packages feature JAN1N5552 and JAN1N5554 diodes in both TX and TXV ratings. Many of our part numbers support a range of Military, Boeing production and legacy aircraft and ground support programs. Current part numbers are Boeing, Military and FAA/PMA approved.

Precision Hardware and Extrusions

RUSSTECH produces high quality extruded track and clamp components for your modular connector systems. We stock many styles equivalent to FCI/Burndy, PCI and Boeing track systems. RUSSTECH offers value added services such as cutting, labeling and custom machining. We can also design to your special requirements. Please contact us for further details. 

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