Coax Center Conductor GO/NOGO Gages and Gage Kits - RTCG series

RUSSTECH                   K-10 Gage Kit



gages and a fitted case with use instructions.

Standard Coax Gages Available

RTCG-1 for "N" Series Plug

RTCG-2 for "N" Series Recp.

RTCG-3 for "TNC/BNC" Recp.

RTCG-4 for  "TNC/BNC" Plug

RTCG-5 for "C" Series Recp.

RTCG-6A for "C" Series Plug

RTCG-10 for "SMA" Series Plug

RTCG-11 for "SMA" Series Recp

Coax Center Conductor Location Gages, the RUSSTECH RTCG™series, gives a quick and positive visual “GO”, “NO GO” status indication of a Coax center contact. RTCG gages check the length of the center contact to assure it is in proper position for electrical engagement. RTCG gages are designed in accordance with military specification MIL-C-39012  covering “C” series, “TNC/BNC” series, “N” series and "SMA" series crimp type coax connector reference plane dimensions. RTCG gages are designed with a “GO” tolerance ring surrounded on either side by a red “NO GO” indicating area,  giving a quick visual indication as to status of the center contact. Quick and Easy to use.

coax gage rtcg-5

coax instructions

To use the RTCG ™ Coax Gage, simply place the gaging surface into the connector to be checked. If the tolerance ring shows at the indicating surface,( FIG. 2) the center conductor is in the correct position. If "Red" shows at the indicating surface, the center conductor is not in the correct position (FIG.1 OR FIG. 3).Simple to use and simple to read. 


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