Contact Retention Test Tools -Additional Information

 Before the RTCRT test tool was available, the most common retention test was simply pulling on the wire. Tugging on the wire can lead to other problems, such as disrupting the crimp; breaking, bending or jamming the retention clips; or breaking the wire or strands. Pushing on the contacts with a dowel or uncontrolled device can also bend or jam the contacts. A visual inspection may sometimes identify that pin or sockets contact are out of place, but does not test their retention in the connector body. The RTCRT test tool replaced these haphazard methods offering a repeatable and certifiable test to each contact.

The successful introduction of a controlled contact retention test process will result in a clear reduction in contact retention failures. This means significant savings in your manufacturing and rework costs, improves quality ratings and customer satisfaction. Additionally, assembly personnel can be confident that with a proper verification tool and process in place, connector assemblies leaving their station are 100% tested, resulting first-time quality and preventing any costly rework. 

RTCRT tools test contacts on most connectors. The RUSSTECH RTCRT ™ Contact Retention Test Tools with probes are available individually or ordered in sets in our "K" Series Kits.The test probes are considered a wear item and replacement probes are always available from RUSSTECH.


The RTCRT contact retention tools are used to test and verify the assembly status of crimp-type removable contacts in a broad range of connector types. A factory preset release mechanism leaves contacts unharmed yet forces them out of the connector if they are not properly inserted. This factory pre-set force is typically different for each size contact and our standard force settings have been established after many years of field testing and consultation with industry experts. Custom forces are available to fit your specific processes. Tool test force is factory set, is not field adjustable and tamper proof.


The RTCRT series testers are not intended to test contact retention to MIL-STD-1344, Method 2007-1. This would only be a requirement for qualification testing by a connector manufacturer, and is not suitable for in-process connector assembly and testing. The forces specified in connector specifications for this type of testing are extreme, and will possibly damage the contacts, retention clips and connectors.

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