Positive Insertion tool - RTPIT

Insertion tooling that makes an positive  impact on your bottom line. RUSSTECH introduces a true revolution to the process of inserting contacts with the RTPIT ™ Positive-Impact Insertion Tool. The RTPIT series tooling incorporates our patented mechanism that trips at a preset force assuring the contact is fully seated. Our customers report a significant reduction in unseated contacts after implementing this remarkable tool. One global wire harness manufacturer states, "it the closest we can get calibrating a person."  The tool uses an ergonomic insertion handle with interchangeable tips to suit most applications. The tool grip is padded and is provided with color coded cap for easy identification. Currently, 3 standard insertion forces are available, 4.0 lb, 8.5 lb and 12.0 lb.  Custom forces are available; contact us for details.

Standard Part Numbers Available :

  • RTPIT-040B  Force setting at 4.0 lb. ±.5 lb. 
  • RTPIT-085B  Force Setting at 8.5 lb. ±.5 lb.
  • RTPIT-120B  Force Setting at 12.0 lb. ±1 lb.

  • Tested in High Usage, Real-World Conditions.
  • Lab Tested  to over 1,000,000.00 Cycles without Failure.
  • Maintenance and Certification Program available. 

How to Calibrate the RTPIT Tool using the RTFTS-50 Force Calibration Test Stand

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