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K-5300N Kit displayed above.

Contact Retention Test Tooling - RTCRT ™ Series K-5300N Kit

RUSSTECH’s unique RTCRT ™ contact retention tools are used to test the assembly status of crimp-type removable contacts in a broad range of connector types. Each tool features a double ended test probe that can test both pin and socket contacts. A patented, preset release mechanism leaves contacts unharmed yet forces them out of the connector if they are not properly inserted. This mechanism is factory set with precision test force and is not user adjustable.

Our most versatile kit of all, the K-5300N comes with 4 different test tools and a number of different probes and conforms to the requirement of the NASA -STD-8739.4 (13.8/2) standard for contact retention testing. The kit includes four RTCRT tool handles each color coded and set at a specific test setting for #12, #16, #20, & #22 gauge contacts. In addition, 13 assorted probes are included with the tools in a fitted case with application data and user instructions.