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RRX Removal Tooling

The Russtech RRX tools are used for the removal of rear release crimp-type contacts in the most popular sizes. They incorporate a spring-loaded sliding jaw that holds the con­tact during operation. The color-coded handle is specially designed to give hours of comfortable use and also in­cludes a convenient, non-slip wire rest. These tools have proven to be superior alternatives to both the metal tweezer type, and the plastic MIL-SPEC tools often supplied with connectors.


ConnectorContact SizePart NumberAlternative to MIL-I-81969Color Coding
MIL-C-38999 SERIES I, II, Ill & IV 12RRX-12M81969/8A-10YELLOW
MIL-C-83723 SERIES I MIL-C-26482 SERIES I & II 12RRX-12AM81969/148-04YELLOW

ARINC 400    ARINC 600 35A051

 12RRX-12-2808 YELLOW